Beaconsfield Commodities Trading AG: What we do

Beaconsfield Commodities Trading A.G. (and its affiliate Hollbeach Solutions LLP) is experienced in bringing together a wide network of finance providers, suppliers and buyers to optimise commodity transactions.

As part of the transaction implementation process, Beaconsfield Commodities Trading A.G. undertakes full and thorough analysis and due diligence with the assistance of its external advisors where necessary.

This typically involves amongst other things, analysing the market and the economics of the transaction in question, the credibility and performance of the counterparties involved, and assessing the legal, accounting, logistics, regulatory and tax impact of the transaction.

Consequently, Beaconsfield Commodities Trading A.G.’s objective is to structure and optimise transactions which are beneficial for both its stakeholders and financiers and its counterparties.

By being proactive, responsive and flexible, we can tailor solutions to a client’s specific requirements.

Clients have access to the decision makers and are assured that decisions will be made quickly, carefully and effectively.